Design Facilities

The first stage of the design process is to meet and explore various ideas and options to give you the best kitchen plan layouts. We ensure all available space is allocated with maximum efficiency, whilst bearing in mind future expansion plans.

Once the plan is agreed and finalised, we provide appropriate drawings for your contractors to work to.



Coordination of equipment is paramount – on the opening day all products require to be on schedule, fitted and fully operational. We take into considetaion all aspects of every job. For example, we recognise the trend of installing extraction equipment before other items are delivered. This ensures full access for all site trades and engineers.

Products are brought by our engineers to site and installed accordingly if required.

Project management and site visits will occur from start to finish to ensure you are totally happy throughout the process.



Our facility of in house company fabrication plays a great part in ensuring that the project run smoothly. We offer standard and purpose made stainless steel fabrication, including for awkward kitchen areas, and extraction. We will ensure the project looks totally designer and workable to the chefs. Our stainless steel designs can also offer bars, which can be individually designed and adapted to suit your own specification.

All the products are handled by our crew of workshop engineers, who have a fleet of vehicles and full back up services.



Service and installation is undertaken by expert gas certified engineers and electrical catering equipment specialists. This combined with our plumbers and refrigeration engineers means that no job is too large or too small, eliminating all problems to the customer.

Our in house team, allows us the confidence to fulfill all jobs, with minimum of effort, and full back up. All working with one thing in mind - total satisfaction from our company.


design options

We work together with the customer to produce professional designs


Standard and custom made fabrication is available


A wide range of equipment